12 July 2024


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The Wonderful World of Bryant

Bryant is one of my favorite authors.  I find her stories relatable and resonate with me. I’m not a shifter, dated triplets, been involved with a god, have meta powers, or have a thing about men who are good with their hands … okay, maybe the last one I’m into, lol!

All stories are available on the GoodNovel app. Books marked with an asterisk are also available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. Stories marked as “reviewed” have a review here on this site.  Click on them to see my thoughts on those stories.

You can also find our up close and personal interview with her at our sister site, Hearth and Home Buddies.

Bloodmoon Pack Series

The Bloodmoon Pack is the largest werewolf pack in North America, located in Oregon. The Alpha of this pack is not chosen by birth order but instead depends on which wolf would manifest the spirit of the ancient Bloodmoon Wolf.

Below are stories about different members of the Bloodmoon pack.

  1. Alpha Logan * – reviewed
  2. Beta’s Surprise Mate * – reviewed
  3. The Reluctant Alpha
  4. The Hunted Hunter
  5. The Genius Delta
  6. Cult of Love
  7. Spy Games
  8. Seducing the Bloodmoon Princess (coming soon)
  9. Warrior’s Redemption
  10. Love After 40
  11. The Hybrid’s Rogue
  12. The Hybrid’s Vampire (coming soon)
  13. Her Second Chance Mate (coming soon)

Incubi Pack Series

This series is set in Sicily, Italy, and revolves around its three packs: Incubi, Madonie, and Nebrodi. The stories are intertwined, so they are best read in sequence.

  1. Alpha of Nightmares * – reviewed
  2. The Hybrid Alpha * – reviewed
  3. Chosen Mate
  4. Dream Mate
  5. The Quiet Giant’s Mate
  6. Beta’s Innocent Mate
  7. Beta’s Twin Mates

FUN FACT: The stories of Bloodmoon and Incubi are intertwined, starting from Beta’s Surprise Mate when some Bloodmoon pack members travel to Europe in search of their mates and find themselves in the middle of a war in Sicily.

Ravenwood Series

The series starts off as a YA/Teen romance with The Princes of Ravenwood but does not stop there. Only Expect the Unexpected would probably be classified as YA/Teen. The rest are most definitely quite adult.

  1. The Princes of Ravenwood * – reviewed
  2. Chasing Kitsune
  3. Expect The Unexpected
  4. Out Of My League
  5. Man’s Best Wingman – reviewed
  6. Troubled Heart (coming soon)

Olympus Series

  1. The Destroyer
  2. The Loyal Spartan (coming soon)

Other Books

  1. His Pet * – reviewed
  2. Asterion

Noel Series

Stories with a Christmas theme and set in a town called Noel.

  1. The Noel Clause *
  2. The Noel Chance (coming 2024)
  3. The Noel Crush (coming 2025)
  4. The Noel Curse (coming 2026)
  5. The Noel Chase (coming 2027)
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