30 May 2024


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Man’s Best Wingman by Bryant

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Our man Clay Nikolaidis is a ladies’ man. At least he was until his sister, Reece, gave him a corgi named Zeus in Man’s Best Wingman by Bryant. In case the names sound familiar, that is because we first encountered Clay and Reece (by name) in Princes of Ravenwood. Clay is part Greek, part Russian, part English, part American, and all man!

Big guy, small dog, you’d think it is a foolproof plan to get the ladies, except that Zeus is very picky about who he will allow Clay to mate with … which is no one he has met until he meets Xenia and her dog Tinkerbell.

Xenia is a spicy Latina from Puerto Rico who trains dogs for a living. That is how she ended up with Tinkerbell, a big fluffy dog with anxiety issues. Xenia is her emotional support human.

This story is a laugh-fest from start to finish! A modern-day comedy of errors, if you will. It felt like Murphy’s Law was working overtime to mess up Clay and Xenia’s fun times. As I am reading I can see all of it happening in my head and I couldn’t help but laugh each time. Thankfully, things get better as the chapters progress.

If you are looking for something light to read that will make you laugh, then Man’s Best Wingman by Bryant is right up your alley.  You can find it on Goodnovel. It is only 44 chapters so can be read in a day easily.


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