23 February 2024


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Fated: Lycan King’s Unwanted Bride by Cool Grey

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Rachel LeFevre is who I visualize as the female lead character, Emily, as I read Fated: Lycan King’s Unwanted Bride by Cool Grey, hence my using her picture here. I stumbled upon this story a while back and just added it to my library and only started reading it today. While the preview was interesting I was initially turned off by the grammar. I finally decided to give it a shot today and while the grammar is not the best, it is forgivable because the story is pretty good.

This is the first time I’ve read a story where the lycan spirit can fully take over the human that the human has no knowledge of anything that happened. It is also the first time I’ve encountered a character whose human and lycan do not both feel the mate bond for their mate.

Alpha Lucian is our male lead character and he is a widower and has no plans of remarrying. However, being the Alpha of the primordial lycans means that his pack needs a Luna … at least according to his parents and the elders. Lucian was deadset against remarrying, especially to the female lycan his parents chose, when he inadvertently meets Emily, a wolfless rogue who trespassed into their land.

At first sight, his lycan, Argus, recognized her as his second-chance mate but Lucian felt nothing. He is still heartbroken from losing his mate to a fatal illness many years ago.

Interesting yet? I’m glad I gave it a shot because it really is! I only wish that Emily would stop crying so much, seriously.

I strongly suspect that the author is Filipino and used a translator then went back and did manual edits because there are some turns of phrase that don’t make sense in English but when translated to Tagalog, suddenly do. There is also that problem with pronouns and inconsistency with gender assignment.

The story is still ongoing! You can read Fated: Lycan King’s Unwanted Bride by Cool Grey on the Goodnovel app. I believe it may be on other reading apps as well, but Goodnovel is where I found it.

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