23 June 2024


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Alpha Swap by Cooper

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Alpha Swap by Cooper is an amazing story. Think of it as Freaky Friday meets Groundhog Day. Your childhood is seriously deprived if you don’t get those pop culture references.

Tereshan is the Alpha of the pack and Claire is an Omega of the same pack. Tereshan is a douchebag (to put it mildly) and hardly anyone in his pack is happy. Claire is one of those people that is just greatly loved by all she encounters … she is a loving soul. They share a birthday and on their 18th birthday, they discover that they are mates. Tereshan decides to have sex with Claire and then immediately after he rejects her. His reason … he does not want a weak Omega for a mate … and things decline from there.

A year later something happens and Tereshan and Claire wake up in each other’s body and it is their 18th birthday once again.  What?!? What a twist! Things should be very different with Claire in charge now, right? And it does!

I don’t want to give away too much as it would be better if you read it yourself. Alpha Swap by Cooper is available on iReader (not Goodnovel, huhu) which makes me sad because it is hella expensive at iReader! Each chapter is 180 coins. This book is so good that before I knew it I already spent more than $50 on it … it’s that good! That is my budget for Goodnovel for 1 to 2 months!

If you are NOT a voracious reader, as I am, you may not have to spend so much … just use the daily vouchers and the reading and ad vouchers. Sadly, for me, I just HAVE to know what happens next so … spend, spend, spend. Sigh! Thankfully, the story is really good, so I don’t regret the purchase as much … until I think about how many books I could have bought on Kindle with that amount.

This story deserves to be translated into film, I swear! Read Alpha Swap by Cooper on iReader today! You won’t regret it!

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