25 February 2024


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His Reject: The Alpha King’s Hybrid by Moon Flood

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I don’t normally do this but sometimes I have to make an exception. His Reject: The Alpha King’s Hybrid by Moon Flood is really good. I would go so far as to say it is a REALLY GOOD NOVEL. Kudos to the author! It is well-written and the pacing is fast. Are there grammatical or spelling issues? Yes, but thankfully not a lot!

I started reading this on Goodnovel because it was offered to me at 70% off and after reading the first chapter I decided to take the plunge and downloaded the rest of the chapters.

Carrot is the lead character. She is an Omega and at 20 still does not have a wolf. She discovers that she is mated to Noah, the psychopath Alpha of the Red Lake pack. She is an orphan and has been treated as a slave all her life so she assumed she would be rejected. Alas, he doesn’t reject her but he also does not acknowledge her … choosing to shag other she-wolves so that he could watch her writhe in pain. She rejects him but he does not accept it, instead, he imprisons her in the dungeon to prevent her escape.

With help, she manages to escape weeks later and inadvertently travels to the capital city where the Alpha King, Killian, lives. I won’t go into the details of how that happened so that you would read it.

To avoid pushing through with an arranged marriage, Killian decides to claim Carrot (now called Amethyst) as his mate, acting lovestruck and enamored in public. Afterward, they discuss and Killian convinces Amethyst that it is to her advantage that they pretend to be mates. Since she knows that Noah is her mate and she plans on seeking revenge against him and Red Lake for all the injustices done against her, she agreed.

His Reject: The Alpha King’s Hybrid by Moon Flood is still a work in progress and I quickly caught up with the latest chapters. Author Moon Flood, I do hope you update soon. If you would like to read this story you can find it on Goodnovel and on other reading apps.

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