23 June 2024


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Cooper’s Reading Corner

Author Cooper was recently featured in our sister site HearthandHomeBuddies.com in a two-part Up Close and Personal article. See the articles HERE and HERE.

You can find Cooper’s stories on the Goodnovel, iReader, and iStory apps.

The Guardian Series (on GoodNovel)

  1. The Broken Warrior’s Daughter (June 2022)
  2. Alpha’s Guardian Angel (July 2022)
  3. The Banished Beta’s Saving Grace (August 2022)
  4. For The Love of a Guardian (August 2022) (prequel to The Broken Warrior’s Daughter) 

The Guardian Next Generation Series (on GoodNovel)

  1. Shattered Bonds (October 2022)
  2. Enchanting the Prince (January 2023)
  3. Spellbound (April 2023)
  4. Arch Enemies(September 2023)

Elemental Dragon Series (on GoodNovel, iReader, and iStory)

  1. The Arena (September 2022)
  2. The Dark Protector (February 2023)
  3. The Assassin (July 2023)
  4. The Gentle Dragon (coming soon)
  5. Ancalagon, The Last Pure Dragon (coming soon)
  6. Taming The Fire Dragon (coming soon)
  7. Rise of the Phoenix (coming soon)

The Claiming Series (on iReader)

  1. The Claiming Trilogy (July 2022)
    1. The Claiming
    2. The Council
    3. Layan’s Return
  2. The Contest (May 2023)
    1. The Contest
    2. The Beta Trials
    3. Gamma’s Tournament (coming soon)

Alpha Swap Series (on iReader)

  1. Alpha Swap (February 2023)
  2. Rogue Alpha: Weston’s Story (July 2023)
  3. Rogue Alpha II: Emine’s Story (coming soon)


  1. Heart of a Queen (on iReader)
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