30 May 2024


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The Broken Warrior’s Daughter by Cooper

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My long-awaited review of The Broken Warrior’s Daughter by Cooper is finally here! Lol! I actually finished reading it days ago but I kept rewinding to some parts I really liked so I couldn’t “officially” say I was done.

This story is definitely a love story, to be specific, it is a courtship, which I find uncommon in most werewolf stories I’ve read. For most werewolf stories, once they find their mates they’re immediately at it like rabbits. Their age, of course, is a factor as both parties have to be of age to feel the mate bond.

It’s a love triangle and I confess to initially rooting for the other guy. Liam is older, an established Alpha, and was really into Cara … enough to choose her, not just wait for fate to tell him she is his mate. Based on the way Cara was attracted to him, it was a very strong possibility.

I’ve always wondered about the make-out scenes, though. This is not isolated to this book. Many authors seem to be of the opinion that only penetration equals sex. Therefore, they can get naked and do everything but that doesn’t mean they’ve had sex yet. This, I believe, was the Bill Clinton argument. According to him all Monica Lewinsky did was suck him off so, technically, they never had sex. But there is a reason it is called oral sex.

So … if a guy gets a girl’s top off and sucks on her breasts then has his hand under her skirt doing “unspeakable things” between her legs they’re still not having sex, even though his fingers are buried inside her. For me, that level of intimacy … if we get close to anyone’s privates … is already sex, just not penetrative sex.

For the training scenes, I would love to see that on the screen. The way they were described got my blood pumping and couldn’t help but wish there was a video to accompany the story. 😀

I would highly recommend The Broken Warrior’s Daughter by Cooper. You can find it on Goodnovel. The story is fast-paced and the author writes so well that I found my anticipation levels at a 10 just waiting for Cara to turn 18.

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