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Our little Star loves Mamypoko pants for girls

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Mamypoko Pants for Girls is the best diapers to get for your little girl.
Mamypoko Pants for Girls

I’ve seen Mamypoko Diapers in the grocery for some time but I’ve always ignored it in favor of the more popular brands or the less expensive brands. Like most consumers I often choose products based on price and reputation.

Estelle the Little StarWhen Star was a baby it wasn’t that big a deal, but as she got older like most toddlers she started to become precocious and naughty.  Whenever possible she would peel off the tape of her diapers and take it off laughing.

She also needed diapers less.  For some time now the only time we would put a diaper on her is when she goes to bed (to sleep) and when we go out. This made us wonder why she kept trying to take her diaper off (considering she didn’t wear them so often anymore) and we realized it was because it was causing a diaper rash which was either itchy or painful.  Poor baby!

For some time we stopped putting her in diapers but it was difficult to manage, especially at night when she would wet her bed in her sleep.  So, despite our better judgement, we decided to try diapers again, if only for when she goes to bed.

So I went to the grocery and at a whim picked up a pack of Mamypoko Easy to Wear Pants.

I remember when my daughter was a baby they had something similar but they were called “pull-ups” because, I suppose, you just pulled them up like pants.

With Mamypoko Pants there was no tape to worry about.  Just wear them like you would underpants and, voila!  your baby is wearing a disposable diaper.  However, figuring out which way was front was a challenge.  To this day, I still have to hold them out and then pray that I don’t put it on her the wrong way.

Mamypoko Pants for Girls

During Lazada’s online revolution last year (2016) I discovered Mamypoko Pants for Girls.  Because I purchased it from Lazada it was so much cheaper than buying it from the grocery and I didn’t have to leave the house to get it.  Sure there is a little bit of a wait … I ordered in the morning and it arrived the day after.  But it also meant that I didn’t have to brave the traffic and the long lines at the grocery.

If all things were equal and I had to choose between the regular Mamypoko Pants and Mamypoko Pants for Girls I would definitely get the latter … even if it is pink (which is my least favorite color, hyuk!) because, let’s face it … it was designed specifically for a little girl. 🙂

Why will we keep buying Mamypoko Pants for Girls?

Star displaying the back of her Mamypoko Pants for Girls
Star displaying the back of her Mamypoko Pants for Girls

All the diaper commercials say mostly the same thing but this is the first time we’ve actually experienced using one that surpassed our expectations.

Eyecatching design

This batch of diapers came with a Winnie the Pooh design that our little Star just loves.  What we like, too, is that the design does not bleed even when the diaper is full.

As the name suggests Mamypoko Pants for Girls is designed for girls which is why it comes in pink, making it easier to spot on the grocery shelves when stacked beside other brands.

Easy to use

Mamypoko Pants for Girls back

Mamypoko Pants for Girls has a label that indicates front from back so there is no way (short of inattention) for us to put it on her backwards.

Mamypoko Pants for Girls are pull ups, not secured with tape on the sides, which means we just pull them up her legs like pants making them easy to put on and take off.

Taking them off like pants is important for us because Star is at that age where she is already potty trained so when she is awake she prefers to pee (and poop!) in the toilet rather than in her pants so, whenever possible, even if she is wearing her diaper, she asks to be brought to the toilet to pee.  With Mamypoko Pants for Girls we can just pull them down like her undies then pull them back on again when she’s done.

Mamypoko Pants for Girls sealing tape
sealing tape

What my daughter likes, though, is that the sides of the diaper can just be torn off along the seam when we want to dispose of the diaper when removing it.  This is particularly important when the diaper has poop in it.  We don’t want that mess touching Star’s legs on the way down, after all.

In addition, the diaper has a strip of clear tape with a tab that you peel off (except for the end) and then reattach to hold the diaper closed when you roll it up for disposal after use.  It is very well attached so it won’t come off accidentally.  And, the tab is designed in such a way that curious toddler fingers will not notice it immediately and pull on it. 😀


Unlike one other brand we’ve tried, Mamypoko Pants for Girls does not cause an adverse reaction to Star’s skin.

Very absorbent

After several hours of wearing her diaper we were wondering why Star was not complaining yet about her diaper so we had to check.  Her diaper was so full that the absorbency gel was already thick, bulky, and cold on the outside … and because we were worried about diaper rash we hurriedly removed the diaper to wash her.  Imagine our surprise when we removed the diaper to find her and it completely dry.

The diaper was several times heavier (and thicker!) than it was at the beginning but when you touch the pad itself no moisture could be found.  When we touched Star’s bottom, it was dry, too.  Amazing!

Since this diaper was made especially for girls it meant that the diaper was designed to give the most absorbancy where it was needed most.  We loved it so much that we posted a review on the product on its product page.

Mamypoko product review


Mamypoko Pants for GirlsSo if you have a little girl like we do you may want to try out Mamypoko Pants for Girls.  It is one of the best purchases I made for Star, and I am sure you would feel the same once you try it, too. 🙂

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