12 April 2024


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Twin Alpha Kings Pup Mate by Platinumstar

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Twin Alpha Kings Pup Mate by Platinumstar is a wonderful “coming of age” shifter romance story between a young girl who loves all things Disney and who grows up to become the mate of the twin Alpha Kings.

Jayden and Kayden are in their late 20s when they meet Kiara “aka Kiki” Middleton, their mate. Unfortunately, she is only 9 years old and is, therefore, too young to feel the mate bond. Nevertheless, she feels strongly drawn to the twin kings who decide to find a way to keep her close so that they could be with her as she grows up. This paved the way for a wonderful friendship that will later segue into all parties realizing they are mates when Kiara turns 18.

I loved how the author did not rush through Kiara’s childhood. We, the readers, get to watch/read her grow up before our eyes and it is wonderful! It is organic and doing it this way eliminates possible questions that may have arisen about her relationship with her best friend and other people around her.

It is not until Chapter 44 that the author makes her 17, 2 weeks before her 18th birthday, so we know we are THIS CLOSE to seeing her recognize the mate bond and I have been on tenterhooks!

Pro: This story is really, really, really good! Con: The author has not updated this story for quite some time. Admittedly, it only really bothers me because I zoomed through the chapters in less than 2 days … that’s how good the story is! I understand, though, that aside from having several books to update, Author Platinumstar does have a life outside of writing. Whether we like it or not, we just need to accept our beloved author is human, as are we, and can only do so much while maintaining her health and relationships with people outside of the literary world.

I am truly lovin’ Twin Alpha Kings Pup Mate by Platinumstar and I look forward to receiving an alert on a story update on Goodnovel. If you guys are looking for something different and refreshing, do check this story out! I highly recommend it. The innocence of the story is so wonderfully refreshing.

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