27 September 2023


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He’s My Alpha by Cassandra M

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Let me tell you something about He’s My Alpha by Cassandra M. I have been trying to write my review of this story for weeks now and I keep stalling – not because I have nothing to say but because I have a LOT to say. And yet I will restrain myself so that I don’t inadvertently give unforgivable spoilers.

Jacob and Claire have known each other for years, ever since they were kids. They are 5 years apart in age. Claire used to bring him treats like cupcakes and cookies that they would eat by the lake. Jake would let her join in when he and the other boys were playing, despite the protests of the others. Sweet, ain’t it?

Even at a young age Jake already knew that he didn’t want a Luna and mate and mentioned this to Claire, which made her sad. She even asked him, what if she was his Luna?

Fast forward to the present. Jacob Galhart is the Alpha of the Black Shadow pack and he does not want to have a mate. Claire Montrell is the sister of the Black Shadow pack’s Gamma, Aaron. On the day Claire turned 18, you know what happened? If you said that they discovered that they are mates then you are correct. But Jake refuses to accept her but does not reject her. Meanwhile, Claire is hurt and feels rejected and, of course, decides to leave.

Why is Jake so against having a Luna, and a mate? It all boils down to a curse and is pretty messed up. Their story gets more complicated when another Alpha enters the picture and wants Claire to be his Luna. Btw, said Alpha is not a bad guy. He is just really attracted to Claire.

Intrigued yet? To know more about this messed up couple check out He’s My Alpha by Cassandra M on Goodnovel. I swear Jake was driving me batty! You are likely to be as annoyed, frustrated, exasperated, and hooked on this story, lol!

This story is also available in paperback format on Amazon in case you want to hold and own the physical book.

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