12 July 2024


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You Are Mine, Omega by AlisTae

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I came across You Are Mine, Omega by AlisTae on Goodnovel and decided to give it a chance because I was curious about what was so special with this omega that an alpha or two would be desperate to claim her. In most stories, omegas are treated with disdain or indifference.

Allison is the Beta’s daughter, but instead of having Beta blood, she is (apparently) an omega. She likes to keep things low-key so no one in school knows who she is except for the alpha’s son, Ethan, who she has had a crush on for a long time. Because of this, she gets bullied, but she ignores it.

On her 18th birthday, she discovers that Ethan is her mate, but he rejects her.  In the meantime, Ryan, Ethan’s brother, is constantly in the picture and seemingly into her without saying anything.

But at the same time, he also alternately pays her attention and then ignores her completely.  I swear it is causing whiplash.

Because the rejection almost killed Allison, she is unsure about how she feels for Ethan. However, she is also confused about how her body reacts when Ryan is near.  Does anyone else think that Ryan is her second-chance mate?

The story has potential but needs a lot of editing, not just grammatically but also for consistency.  The author tends to be repetitive, perhaps to emphasize a point. Instead, it appears that the author didn’t proofread before posting.

That I think is unfair to the readers who are paying per chapter, especially when we consider that most of these authors who post on reading apps are keeping track of their word count, and I’ve noticed that quite a few would write the bare minimum to publish a chapter as scheduled.

That being said, The story is engaging enough for me to say, “Go ahead and give it a gander,” but with a warning label that says, “Proceed with caution. It may inflame you, lol!”

It is still an ongoing story, a quick read, and not too much drama. You may enjoy it. You can find You Are Mine, Omega by AlisTae on Goodnovel.

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