12 April 2024


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Accidental Surrogate for Alpha by Caroline Above Story

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I encountered Accidental Surrogate for Alpha by Caroline Above Story on iReader when I was looking for something new to read (as if I don’t have any books I am in the middle of already, lol!) as a palate cleanser. I paused on this mostly because I was curious about how the FLC could be a surrogate for a werewolf, assuming she is human. Did she know he was a werewolf? In this story are werewolves and humans even genetically compatible?

Betrayed by her boyfriend physically and emotionally, Ella goes to the fertility clinic where her sister works to help her get pregnant. A mess-up at the clinic ended up with Ella being inseminated with Alpha Dominic Sinclair’s sperm instead of the handsome surgeon she chose from the file. And the story only gets better from there.

After reading all the free chapters, iReader charges 180 coins per chapter and I wasn’t willing to spend that so I tried to see if this story is on Goodnovel, and to my delight, it is! I spend over 352 coins to read 10 chapters and I look at how much more I will need to spend to catch up on all the chapters and its equivalent would be something like $24.99! Whoa! So I took a leap and checked Amazon. Lo and behold, the story is there but in two parts (so far) at $5.99 apiece. Doing the math, buying the e-book on Amazon still made more economic sense so I took the leap and bought the 2 books.

In hindsight, I should have just started on Amazon after the free chapters. I have no regrets. This is a wonderful story and worth the money I spent on it on Amazon. I’m only on Chapter 41 but I have a funny feeling that Ella is actually a werewolf but her wolf is suppressed. I can’t wait to know if I guessed right!

Caroline Above Story apologizes in her author’s description for her faulty English since she is Asian but, to be honest, her English is better than what I’ve seen from many authors who are native English speakers. Either her English really is better or she has a good copy editor.

If human-werewolf love stories are your thing, you can find Accidental Surrogate for Alpha by Caroline Above Story on iReader, Goodnovel, and Amazon. Sadly (for me) it isn’t on KU but if the story is good, it is worth spending the coin on.

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