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Premier The Samgyupsal, a review

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Premier The Samgyupsal

Premier The Samgyupsal

Premier The Samgyupsal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Last August 14, 2019, I had the opportunity to try out Premier The Samgyupsal in Greenhills.  I have tried Korean barbecue places in the past and I was looking forward to finding out how this one is different from others.

The Unli Menu

Unli Samgyupsal

Premier the Samgyupsal unlimited menu
Premier the Samgyupsal unlimited menu

PRICE = P500 to P580

Just as with other samgyupsal places, Premier The Samgyupsal offers unlimited samgyupsal.  This is what I got to try at my last visit.  The options are:

  • P500 for unli pork (4 kinds) and chicken
  • P580 for unli mix (supposedly 8 kinds) which, based on the menu includes 3 kinds of beef, 2 kinds of pork, and chicken

Both come with 15 different side dishes plus unlimited rice.

As with most samgyupsal restaurants they require a minimum of 2 people to order from the unli menu.

They also offer a promo rate if you dine between 10am to 4pm.

  • P450 for unli pork and chicken
  • P500 for unli mix

If you want to add ramen to your meal just add P100 to your bill per order.

Unli Shabu Shabu

While we didn’t get to try this shabu shabu is not a new concept for me either.  Their version lets you choose from pork or beef.  Each shabu shabu comes with unli meat, vegetables, and rice.

Side dishes

Premier the Samgyupsal side dishes

This is probably the feature Premier The Samgyupsal that made me very, very happy.  So many side dishes!!!  We were told that they serve a total of 15 side dishes and that they change every day depending on what is available.

Premier the Samgyupsal steamed egg and soup

In addition, they also serve steamed egg and seafood soup.  They aren’t officially categorized as side dishes but are also served with every unli order.  Fyi, I like the chili powder they sprinkle on the egg. 😀

The Ala Carte Menu

Premier the Samgyupsal Ala Carte Menu

PRICE = P350 to P1,200

The ala carte menu available for those prefer to eat just one or two things, or probably went there for a specific dish.

  • Pro: there are more options offered on the ala carte menu in pork, beef, and special menu.
  • Con: it comes out more expensive especially if you want more than 1 kind of meat

It also offers set meals that range in price from P200 to P480


PRICE = P70 to P250

This is probably one aspect where they have bested other samgyupsal restaurants. Premier The Samgyupsal offers its patrons a bigger selection of drinks to choose from.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Other places offer the standard sodas.

  • If Coca-Cola products they would have Coke, Coke Zero, Royal, and Sprite.
  • If they carry Pepsi products they would have Pepsi, 7-Up, Mountain Dew, and Mug Root Beer.

Here they offer Cherry Coke, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Coke Classic, Royal, Sprite, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper, A&W Rootbeer, and Classic Pepsi Cola.  Whichever soda you choose to order, the price remains the same at P50.

Other places may offer canned juices, too.  At Premier the Samgyupsal they offer more options, all of which are Del Monte juices … mango, pineapple, four seasons, and pineapple orange.

All canned juices cost P70.

Alcoholic beverages

Unlike other samgyupsal places, Premier has the most extensive alcoholic beverage offerings.  They have local San Miguel beers, foreign beers, AND several flavors of Soju.  For patrons who want to imbibe in alcohol while they eat and want more options, then Premier is definitely the samgyupsal restaurant you.  Whether local or foreign, beer is priced at P80 while Soju is priced at P250.00.



A Korean meal just isn’t complete if you do not cap it off with Melona or Samanco.  Unlike other places, they serve many variants!  This tipped the scale in their favor in my book.

The Venue


While the place is not large it does have two floors which means the seating capacity is good.  For our event, we held it on the second floor.


Arctic!  This was different from the getgo.  I am usually resigned to the heat when eating at samgyupsal places so finding out that they keep their aircon set at freezing was different.

The Toilet

The toilet is gender-neutral and is clean.  My complaint, if any, is that they didn’t keep it dry (as a matter of fact there was a puddle near the toilet bowl itself).  A lot of accidents happen in the bathroom/toilet.  Safety first, right?

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and will surely return again soon.  Premier The Samgyupsal Greenhills is located at Wilson Street.  See the map below to help you find it.






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