30 May 2024


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Alpha Logan by Bryant

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Alpha Logan by Bryant is the first book of the Bloodmoon Pack series. Logan Kinsley is not the firstborn. In any other pack but Bloodmoon, he would not be the Alpha. At the Bloodmoon Pack, the Alpha is selected by whichever of the Alpha heirs manifests the Bloodmoon wolf. This means that despite his elder brother, John, receiving all the training, Logan ended up the Alpha.

For many years he searched far and wide for his mate, traveling to gatherings all over the country and overseas. Little did he know that he didn’t need to travel far for his mate, he just needed patience as she just wasn’t old enough yet.

I could understand Logan’s frustration and longing, especially since wolves believe in “forever” … Bloodmoon, specifically, revere the mate bond so much that they have a law against rejection unless the mate is abusive.

Logan and Aurelia’s first encounter was magical. When Jericho, Logan’s wolf, noticed Aurelia as she got off the bus I got the shivers and I eagerly turned the pages to see how quickly they will meet and how soon they will both acknowledge the mate bond. Every touch spark the bond and their first “sexual” encounter was so hot, I thought my iPad would burst into flames, lol! I put quotes because I’ve seen that many authors only count penetration as sex, so if it is cunnilingus or fellatio it’s … foreplay?

In any case, the main reason I love this story is that Aurelia is such a strong character. Despite only being 17 at the beginning of the story, I could already see what a badass Luna she was going to be and a perfect foil for Logan.

Alpha Logan by Bryant is definitely on my top shelf of book recommendations! You can read this at Goodnovel or grab your copy on Amazon available in Kindle format and paperback.

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