23 June 2024


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Alpha’s Regret My Luna Has A Son by Jessica Hall

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I read Alpha’s Regret My Luna Has A Son by Jessica Hall in 2022 on Goodnovel, and I don’t even remember when exactly anymore, and I LOVED it … a lot! Compared to her other stories, this one is fairly “innocent”. Translation: it isn’t as steamy.  That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed it as the story is quite compelling.

I’ve recently started listening to books on audible and discovered that this book is there.  Gasp!  I just HAD to get it. I am so glad that I did … worth every penny. The voice actors were really good and did a pretty good job of bringing the story to life. My only regret is that book two (aka the second part of the story) has no recording yet.

If you’ve read this story on a reading app, then you know it is actually one long story, so cutting off where it did can be frustrating. That being said, the story is worth making that double purchase on Amazon. After all, it still comes out cheaper than reading apps.

Both books are available on Amazon.

Alpha’s Regret My Luna Has a Son in a Nutshell

Everly is the daughter of the Alpha or her pack and his successor. She was only seventeen when she met and inadvertently ended up in bed with Valen, who was the Alpha of a rival pack. They were drunk at a time, which should really not be an excuse in this day and age, but there you have it. When Everly wakes up in the morning, she realizes what happened, and she attempts a French exit but is met at the door by the Beta. After quick pleasantries, she still manages to leave alone, and the Beta was not able to get her name either.

Weeks pass and Everly realizes that she is pregnant and there can only be one person who could be the father so she tries to reach out to Valen to let him now but was rebuffed and he denied being with her. When her father discovers she is pregnant he disowns her and labels her a rogue whore when she would not agree to an abortion.

She leaves the pack and lives the life of a rogue from that point forward and eventually gives birth to a son.

Everly realizes early on that Valen is her fated mate but he did not know until several years later which lead to her suffering from his infidelity for years. This is the point in the story where the courtship of Valen and Everly begins. With everything that she has gone through I was glad that she does not succumb to easily to his charms.  If she did, I would be very disappointed. She didn’t deny the mate bond, but she was better at resisting it.

My Thoughts

To say that I think this story is a masterpiece is putting it mildly. I have lost count of how many times I have read this story. Jessica Hall has me on an emotional roller coaster and I don’t want to get off it. In my head I see this story as something akin to a TV series … not a movie as that would be too short. So many things happen to Everly and Valen in this story that it would be an injustice to chop off as much as they do for movie adaptations.

If it isn’t obvious yet, I highly recommend that you add Alpha’s Regret My Luna Has A Son by Jessica Hall to your bookshelf, stat! Don’t just put it in the TBR (to be read) pile.  Put it straight to the MUST-READ pile and enjoy!

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