26 March 2023


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Alpha Killian by Jane Doe

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alpha killianI started reading Alpha Killian by Jane Doe almost a year ago while I was in the middle of reading Alpha Asher. In the book, there was a mention of Alpha Killian being his dad. It also mentions how the start of Killian’s relationship with his mate, Asher’s mom, was turbulent, at best.

This got me curious. At the time, Alpha Asher was probably only 70+ chapters in and I was already catching up with the author. Since I hate having to wait for chapters to get written I checked out Alpha Killian and, lo and behold, it was a completed story with 40+ chapters only!

To say I was excited to start reading was an understatement. It gave me a reason to put down Alpha Asher and pick up a new book still in the same “world”. In my mind, I thought of it as a prequel.

In the story, Alpha Killian Desmond is supposed to be this big bad wolf that everyone feared and no one wanted to meet. So you can just imagine Claire Miller’s fear upon learning that Killian is her mate! And yet, with her he is gentle. It goes counter to everything she has heard about him and Killian is desperate to show her what a great mate he could be. Sigh, the power of the mate bond.

Claire’s fear of Killian is based purely on reputation and at the beginning, she was not convinced that she was safe with him, to the point of attempting to run away.

I enjoyed this story because:

  1. It was only 44 chapters long, which meant that Jane Doe tried to tell the entire story quickly without compromising the quality of the story.
  2. While it is established early on how strong and powerful Killian is, with Claire he starts to change … it reads like a Beauty and the Beast story, actually.
  3. Even though the story begins with Claire’s personality not appearing as strong as I would have wanted her to be, over time she became the Luna she was meant to be.

It’s not my favorite, but I don’t hate it. It made me appreciate Alpha Asher more. Alpha Killian is available for reading on Goodnovel and other reading apps.

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