23 February 2024


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Huge Dare by Stephanie Brother

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I was not prepared for the emotional roller coaster I’d find myself on once I started reading Huge Dare by Stephanie Brother.

Ellie is a beautiful young woman who tends to live her life cautiously but once she is dared to do something she throws caution to the wind and does it. The dare becomes her reason to be reckless and free. One dare after another leads to her participating in a childish game of 7 minutes in heaven at her best friend’s birthday party. She is guided into the closet blindfolded expecting to ward off one man, only to discover that she was locked in there with three!

Things take a surprising turn when instead of being scared, Ellie finds herself excited as one man holds her from behind and kisses her neck, another worships her breasts, and another has his face buried between her thighs.

7 minutes of heaven indeed! As time runs out her best friend calls out her name and reality seeps in. The men let go when they realize who she is. As she stepped out of the closet disheveled and dazed she looked back and saw a tattoo she recognized and she realized the same thing they did … she just made out with her stepbrothers!

Colby, Seb, and Micky are identical triplets. Their dad married Ellie’s mom 7 years ago and from the moment they saw Ellie, they fell for her, hard. Each triplet handled their attraction to Ellie differently based on their personalities. Micky is playful and friendly, Seb likes to joke around, and Colby is broody and snarky. Ellie, on the other hand, always seemed to treat them with disdain, mostly because she was quietly jealous of how much her mom seemed to love them more than her.

But the dare that led her into the closet proved to be the catalyst for her recognizing her attraction to them. A dare from another friend leads her to seek the bed of one brother, which led to another and another.

Huge Dare by Stephanie Brother ends with happily ever after. Reading from the perspective of each of them brought me to such emotional highs and lows that I just couldn’t stop reading! I needed to finish this book before I could sleep! In the end, the only thing I feel is good.

It will be available on Amazon on Nov. 15 for only 2.99.

After reading this book you can read the bonus content here.

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