12 July 2024


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Moonlit Mates by Dreame

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Do you know how there are stories that get so much hype on social media that you end up giving it a chance and buying coins just to be able to read more? Well, that is what happened with me with Moonlit Mates, a recommended anthology by Dreame. Moonlit Mates is supposed to be a compilation of short(ish) stories from different authors that Dreame highly recommends. But is it all hype or are the stories really good?

Here’s my experience. So far I am on chapter 19 of the first story called “Lies and Betrayal” by Melissa and it is an uphill battle. The story has potential but I don’t see what all the hype is about.  The author does not seem to have the chops yet to be receiving the raves this book is supposedly getting. Character building, world setting, and story flow are half-baked. Intimate scenes are rushed and rough, with no finesse.

As for grammar … sigh. Often the author is guilty of using homonyms or simply possibly similar-sounding or spelled words. For example: composer when what she really means is composure.

But this is how much I want to believe it is worth it … I purchased all the 150+ chapters then crossed my fingers hoping I didn’t just throw money in the shredder. So far, with the first story, it is a bust. What are the other stories and who wrote them? No idea. One would think Dreame would have put it in the preview blurb at the very least, but nope!

Why is no one recommending copy editors, at the very least, to these authors? I get the value of uplifting, but doing so should not make us blind to room for (much) improvement.

Color me disappointed. 🙁

The following are the stories within:

  1. Lies and Betrayal by Melissa
  2. Deepest Regret by Valerie Irene
  3. The Moon Goddess Daughter (The Hybrid) by Titania Sattaur
  4. His Warrior Luna by Cassidy Wilson
  5. The Alpha Games by Jessica Christensen

I’m hoping your experience is better than mine. I started reading this in December 2023 and I have yet to get beyond chapter 19 of the first story. This, from someone who reads at least 1 completed story a day.

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