23 June 2024


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And Then There Were Four by Lillith Carrie

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I added And Then There Were Four by Lillith Carrie to my library on Goodnovel probably a week ago but didn’t really start reading it until yesterday. I’m glad I did because it is pretty good. This author does have a bit of a problem with homonyms (like to and too) and synonyms here and there, but forgivable for an e-book as I am assuming it will get fixed before it goes to print.

And then I discovered that the paperback version (and its sequels) are on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $24.99 on both. The sexy cover is the paperback version. I kid you not, I am very worried that it went into print without copy editing. I contemplated buying the paperback (as I would save a bundle if I did) but a very big part of me is also worried that I will end up whipping out my blue pen and editing as I read. Que horror! shudder

Copy-editing issues aside, I think you will enjoy this story. It technically falls under reverse harem because early on it is revealed that Ivy is mated to all four brothers – Damian, Hale, Talon, and James. However, 40% into the book and she has yet to be with more than one brother at a time. I guess I will find out as I read along if she ever gets with more than one.

In her universe, having four mates is not usual. Add to that the fact that she is human, unlike the men who are all werewolves. While, yes, the major conflict appears to be about the brothers accepting her as their mate, there are many things brewing in the background that make this story more interesting. Check it out on Goodnovel and other reading apps or you can purchase the paperback version on Amazon or B&N.


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