26 March 2023


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Double Bossed by Rare

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Double Bossed by Rare is one of those books I started to read out of curiosity and later, thankfully, enjoyed. The main characters in this story are the bosses, a gay couple named Jacob and Hardin, and their assistant Faith.

Hardin was sexually abused by his mother when he was a teenager and forced to participate in sex for money. Because of this, he had a strong phobia of women and could not stand to be around them. Jacob encountered Hardin while on vacation and from the moment they met, it was magic. Jacob took him away from that life and they have been together since and established a fashion empire.

Hardin and Jacob never get female employees reporting to them directly because of Hardin’s condition yet of all the applicants to apply for the assistant position, Faith’s stood out.

There was hesitation at first to even interview her because but they gave her a chance. It was worrisome for Hardin because 1) she is female, 2) she is attractive, 3) he could see that Jacob was attracted to her, and 4) although he would not admit it, he was attracted to her, too.

Thankfully, for Faith, she turns out to be the best assistant they’ve ever had. Things start to get interesting when Faith finds herself drawn to both Jacob and Hardin. This started when Jacob would openly caress Hardin in front of her while the 3 are in a meeting. It all comes to a head when they go overseas and all stay at Jacob and Hardin’s house and their feelings for each other surface.

Classifying Double Bossed by Rare as a reverse harem does not really fit the bill since all three participants are in love with and physically attracted to each other. During their trysts, it was not uncommon for one man to be between Faith’s thighs while the other is in his ass at the same time. You’d think it would bother me, but it was well-written in a loving manner, and considering that the men are supposed to be gay, it made sense. I guess, in a way it means they’re bi for Faith.

You can read Double Bossed by Rare at Goodnovel.

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