Disclaimer: parking rates published here were gathered from various sources on the internet, including thefortcity.com for the large part, whatsupbgc.com, and Facebook for the latest updates. 

Important announcement!  BGC gives parking discounts to senior citizens and PWD when you present your ID card upon paying to exit the parking structure/space.

BGC (short for Bonifacio Global City) is one of the premier destinations in Metro Manila for business and leisure with many establishments spread out through several hectares of land.  To cater to the needs of the people, many parking establishments were strategically located within BGC.  Here are their rates to help you decide the best place for you to park.

ParkingOperating HoursTotal SlotsHourly Weekday RatesHourly Weekend/Holiday RatesMotorcycle (flat-rate)
1st 3 hoursSucceeding hours1st 3 hoursSucceeding hours
8 Forbes Basement24 hours70P50P20 (4th and 5th hour)same as weekdaysP50 (1st 5 hours)
P60 (6th hour onwards)P10 (per hour for succeeding hours)
28th West (The Fort Strip)10 am to 5 am404P50P50same as weekdaysP50
30th East A24 hours173P50P50same as weekdaysP50
30th East B6 am to 12mn174P50P50same as weekdaysP50
31st West6 am to 12mn300P35P10same as weekdaysP50
BGC Corporate Center24 hours138P50P50same as weekdayssame rate as cars
BHS B36 am to 12mn75P50P50closed on weekendsN/A
BHS B66 am to 12mn62P50P50same as weekdaysP50
BHS B7B24 hours68P50P50same as weekdaysP50
Bonifacio One Technology Tower67P45P10closed on weekends
Bonifacio Stopover Pavillion24 hours244P50P50same as weekdaysP50
Burgos Parking24 hours148P50P20 (4th and 5th hour)same as weekdaysP40
P40 (6th hour onwards)
Car Plaza6 am to 12mn125P35P10same as weekdaysP50
CCI South24 hours35P35P10same as weekdaysP50
Central North8 am to 12mn39P50P50same as weekdaysP50
Central South10 am to 12mn92P50P50same as weekdaysP50
Central Square9 am to 2 amwith coupon208P50P50P50P30N/A
P50 (6 pm onwards)
without couponP100P100P100P100
P100 (6 pm onwards)
Crescent North24 hours147P50P50same as weekdaysP50
Crescent South24 hours111P50P50same as weekdaysP50
Crossroads Main9 am to 12mn147P50P50same as weekdaysP50
Crossroads Retail24 hours16P50P50same as weekdaysP50
Forbestown Road (street parking)7 pm to 4 am17P50P50same as weekdaysP50
Forbeswood Heights Basement 124 hours156P50P20 (4th and 5th hour)same as weekdaysP40
P40 (6th hour onwards)
Fort Victoria24 hoursP50P20same as weekdays
Gallery Parkade6am to 12mn481P100 flat-rate (entry time is 6 am and only until 6 pm)

P40 (1st 4 hours, if entry time is 10:01 am to closing)

P10same as weekdaysP100 (entry time 6am to 10am)
Market! Market! Open Parking24 hours742P40P10P40 flat ratesame rate as cars
Market! Market! Parking Building24 hours1,017P50 (1st 4 hours)P10same as weekdaysP50
MC Home DepotOpen while there are customers in Pizza Hut, Skinny Mike’s, and JT’s ManukanP30P50P30P10P35
McKinley Hill Parking Building24 hours1,796P30P10same as weekdaysP25 (1st 12 hours)
P25 (succeeding hours)
McKinley WestP30P10same as weekdaysP25 (1st 12 hours)
P25 (succeeding 12 hours)
Net PlazaM-F 24 hours70P50P20same as weekdaysP60
Sat 12mn to 10 pm
closed on Sundays
Northeast City Center6 am to 12mn122P35P10same as weekdaysP50
Northwest City Center24 hours65closed on weekendsN/A
One Parkade24 hours406P40P50same as weekdaysN/A
Park Triangle / Kidzania6 am to 12mn122P40P10same as weekdaysN/A
Pocket Parking (B1 to B8)6 am to 10 am102P50P50same as weekdaysP50
SerendraP45 flat rate
SM Aura Premier24 hours1,600P50P10P50 flat ratesame as cars
St. Luke’s Medical Center24 hoursP70 (1st 2 hours)P30same as weekdaysP50
The Grand Hyatt Hotel24 hoursP130P50same as weekdaysN/A
Three Parkade6 am to 12mn1,062P50P20closed on weekendsN/A
Two Parkade7 am to 11 pm406P40P50same as weekdaysN/A
Uptown Mall24 hoursP50P10 (4th to 6th hour)P50 flat rateP20 (first 3 hours)
P100 (7th hour and 1 minute onwards) – entrance between 6 am to 12mn
P30 (7th hour and 1 minute onwards) – entrance between 12:01 am to 5:59 amP5 (per hour for succeeding hours)
plus P150 (overnight parking)plus P150 (overnight parking)
Venice LuxuryP40 (1st 4 hours)P20same as weekdaysplus P150 (overnight parking)
W 5th Avenue24 hoursP50P10same as weekdays
P200 (overnight parking)


  • all fields marked in blue are managed by Ayala Property Management Corporation
  • all fields marked with green offer a flat rate, usually on weekends

I tried to create a google map to chart all the parking areas but, unfortunately, it was a bigger task than I anticipated as not all the locations can easily be found (by me).  But I’m sure if you Waze it, you will have no problem. 🙂

Hope this chart helps you out!  And … if you have any updates, do let me know so I could update this post.

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