25 September 2023


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I’m in love with Superman

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The weirdest thoughts pop into my head when I am cooking, and this time, it was this … the first man I have ever loved is Superman.

I must have been 8 or 9 years old when Superman (the movie) first appeared starring Christopher Reeve, and I remember my prepubescent heart racing as I gazed into those beautiful blue eyes.

Christopher Reeve in Superman (1978)

I didn’t understand my feelings, but from not giving a damn about any actor, I was suddenly following his career and on tenterhooks for his new movies, especially any new Superman movie. He was Superman for almost ten years, and my love never waned.

I recall being devastated and crying in my room when I heard about his passing years later.

It’s Clark Kent, not Superman.

Dean Cain as Clark Kent in Lois and Clark (1993 to 1997)

Years later, in 1993, Dean Cain appeared in the TV series Lois and Clark, and I was like, “Meh, he’s not Superman,” even though he technically was. Even the title tells us he was Clark Kent more than Superman on the screen.

I watched and enjoyed it but wasn’t attracted or attached to him.

Now that I think about it, Terry Hatcher, as Lois, made a bigger impact on me since she portrayed the role akin to Margot Kidder, the original Lois Lane, but she was much prettier, so my mind could accept Clark falling for her so quickly.

Tom Welling as Clark Kent (2001 to 2011)

Then Tom Welling (born April 26, 1977) took a turn as Clark Kent in Smallville.

Yup, I said Clark Kent. The concept of Smallville didn’t allow for him to don the cape and tights, so while he often displayed his superpowers discreetly as they manifested one by one, most of the time, he was just mild-mannered Clark Kent.

What really got me keen on Smallville was Clark’s relationship with Lex Luthor. I thought that was an interesting twist to explaining how and why Lex will grow to hate Superman so much.

I found Tom more relatable between Tom and Dean, probably because he looked closer to my age. I just did a Google search, and sigh he is seven years younger.

Tom is cute, and I loved Smallville, the show, but I had no emotional investment in Tom. By the way, loved him as Cain in Lucifer.

Superman Returns

Brandon Routh as Superman in Superman Returns (2006)

And then in 2006, Brandon Routh (born October 9, 1979), and my heart dropped … immediately followed by my panties, hahaha. He just has that sweet boy next door charm and “a body made for sin.” Although he did not get the same success as Christopher Reeve, I still think he did an excellent job. In addition … hubba hubba!

I would get super happy catching him in movies like Scott Pilgrim. His role there was so different, too! Later, I was doing the Dance of Joy when I found out he was to join the cast of Legends of Tomorrow after appearing multiple times in Arrow.

So you can just imagine my joy when he got to don the cape and tights again in the DC multiverse episodes! Woo hoo!

The Man of Steel

Henry Cavill plays Superman in several DC superhero movies from 2013 to 2023

This man … whoo, lordy! Henry Cavill (born May 5, 1983) combines my old-time infatuation with Christopher Reeve with my more primal feelings for Brandon Routh.

Because of social media, I know that this man is my idea of perfect! He is both naughty and nice; he is nerdy and a gadget freak, and … he has a body I’d like to do things to that I cannot write about here to keep my rating PG-13, lol!

I watch his movies and TV shows, follow him on social media, and watch his reels. You’d think I’d be obsessed, but I haven’t downloaded his photos (except for that one on the right for this post) or his videos. I don’t buy merch and have not tried to reach out to him on any of his socials.

Just the thought of the possibility of having the chance to meet him someday makes me forget to breathe. It’s a pipedream, I know.

Daddy Superman

Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in the TV series Superman and Lois (2016 to ____ )

I love that we finally see Superman as a parent, as portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin (born September 11, 1987).

I always thought it would have to happen eventually … that we should get the opportunity to see him and Lois finally married and with kids. This changed my feelings for Superman; I now see him as a family man. I like it.

However, I must confess that I found Tyler gorgeous in 2011 when he played Derek Hale in Teen Wolf.

Watching him as Clark and trying to balance his responsibilities as Superman with being a husband and father was surreal. It made me stop and remember that heroes are people, too. While they are saving us, they have families back home who are worried about them, missing them, and hoping they come home alive and safe.

Because Tyler’s role is very paternal, I relate to him more as one parent to another. I still think he is hot, but I respect his relationship with Lois, so a part of me is stepping back and thinking, “I am not going to be a homewrecker,” which is silly, I know, since it is all fictional.

The Perfect Man

Superman, to me, is the perfect man. If I had the power to craft or choose the man I would be with for the rest of my life, it would be him … yes, a fictional character. Let’s face it: What are the odds of a man like that falling for a woman like me (at my age)?


The actors that play Superman get younger and younger; soon, he will be young enough to be my son. So, leave me to my fantasies where all my book boyfriends look like Superman.


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