12 July 2024


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The Princes of Ravenwood by Bryant

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Princes of Ravenwood by Bryant is a departure from the werewolf tales that Bryant is known for. It follows the life of Riko Shiraishi, a high school senior, and her burgeoning relationship with the Frost triplets – Darius, Elijah, and Forrest.

This book made me breathless! While I, personally, cannot fathom how I would handle three identical hotties, I can see how Riko can fall in love with all of them. It is like they are one person split into three! How do I (in her shoes) choose between them?

Each triplet’s personality is so different from the other that it makes me wonder why most people can’t tell them apart, including their parents. Sure, they are identical, and, sure, they like to pretend to be each other to fool people, but one would expect that close friends and especially family would know who is who.

Riko is the first person to see each of them as individuals and could immediately tell them apart. This, perhaps, is the main reason why Darius, Elijah, and Forrest were quickly drawn to her. Polyamory is a complicated relationship dynamic but I get it. And I don’t think I would be able to love just one of them either if I were Riko. In her shoes, I would not be able to pick just one of them either.

While this story is a reverse harem romance, at the same time it does fall under the young adult/teen category so … more story, and less heat but it still gets pretty hot. You can read Princes of Ravenwood by Bryant on Goodnovel or on Amazon where it is available in Kindle and paperback format.

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