12 July 2024


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My Dreams, His Reality by Shanika Rana

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When I started to read My Dreams, His Reality by Shanika Rana after my sister started talking to me about it.  It’s a young adult/teen romance, and, from the way my sister was talking about it, it seemed like a fairly innocent high school romance between the most popular guy in school who has possibly slept with every other female in school, and the quiet, reserved girl who hates him for being a man-whore.

While chatting, I picked up my phone, looked it up on Goodnovel, and added it to my library to check it out myself.

I can tell you this much right now, while it needs some editing, it is well-written enough that I can be forgiving. I confess that a big pull for me is the fact that Zara, the female lead, is snarky and independent. On the other hand, Harper is highly sexed and is dealt a mighty blow on his 18th birthday.

There is more than meets the eye with My Dreams, His Reality by Shanika Rana, and so far, I am enjoying the process. This is supposed to be a trilogy and is 254 chapters. I am on chapter 44 and still having fun reading as of this posting.  This book has become part of my Goodnovel reading cycle.

I can only hope the good narrative is sustained until the end.  Also, author, not too long, please.

Important update:

One of my readers gave me some good news that I just have to share with all of you. My Dreams, His Reality by Shanika Rana is on Amazon! And the best news yet … IT IS ON KINDLE UNLIMITED!!!

Talk about bang for your buck!

The three books in the trilogy are:

  1. My Dreams, His Reality
  2. Dreams Fade Away
  3. Reality Sets In

If you have a Kindle Unlimited account, reading these books is free! If you choose to buy the books, they cost $4, $5, and $6 respectively.

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