12 April 2024


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Beta’s Surprise Mate by Bryant

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We encountered John for the first time in Alpha Logan when Logan calls him to give some instructions. He appears several times after which made me quite curious about this very formal Beta. Beta’s Surprise Mate by Bryant now focuses on him as he finds his mate in the most unlikely of situations. When running an errand for Logan and Aurelia, John inadvertently finds his mate when he visits the florist who will be handling all the floral decorations for their wedding.

First of all, she is human … which is unusual enough as it is.  Werewolf-human matings are uncommon but possible. Second, she is a (former) hunter, which makes her a danger to the pack, whether or not she’s retired. Third, she has a fierce guardian cat, an Egyptian Mau called Shu. But John believes in the mate bond and trusts the Moon Goddess but even he had to take a step back and wonder why he was given a human mate. Despite his desire to stay away, his wolf would not let him do so.

Things to note … John is over 30 and a virgin by choice. Unlike many of his peers, he chose to save himself for his mate. Despite this, though, he certainly had the skills to please his mate. Sarael quit being a hunter a long time ago when she realized that her sister was doing things that she just couldn’t stomach.

Beta’s Surprise Mate by Bryant is HOT! Don’t be deceived by John’s inexperience … he has the equipment and knows how to use it. I even found myself jealous of Sarael and wished he was my mate instead, hyuk! Their lives get complicated by rogues and hunters who suddenly show up in their lives, especially when one of the hunters is Sarael’s evil sister.

I don’t want to reveal too much but trust me when I say you will WANT to read this book. You can find Beta’s Surprise Mate with the bonus Valentine chapters at the end on Goodnovel. If you want to read the paperback, you can find it on Amazon. I’m hoping it comes out on Amazon Kindle as well.

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