30 May 2024


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Alpha of Nightmares by Bryant

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The first time I encountered Alpha of Nightmares by Bryant on Goodnovel I was iffy if I should read it or not. My first thought was “What kind of alpha is he if cannot control his wolf?” Was his wolf, Chesed, that strong, or was Alec that weak? Was Alec/Chesed even worth meeting?

You see, in every new book I open, the lead male character is my book boyfriend so I wasn’t sure if he had what it took to be my boyfriend. Thank goodness, I gave him a shot! The call of the mate bond was just too strong, lol!

But, seriously, my curiosity was piqued. I just had to know the story. I HAD to know the circumstances that led to Alpha Chesed instead of Alpha Alec and his wolf Chesed. In addition, I also found it intriguing how Alec and Chesed had such different personalities. They are polar opposites but come together when it has anything to do with the pack and their children.

His story and how his relationship with Crista grew was just wonderful to witness. But for me, the icing on the cake was Alpha Heir Andre and his incorrigible personality. I’m looking forward to seeing Alpha of Nightmares by Bryant on Amazon soon, but for now, you can read this on Goodnovel.

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