30 May 2024


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His Pet by Bryant

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His Pet by Bryant reminds me of the early years of the X-Men when humans had difficulty accepting meta-humans, especially when the meta-humans have physical attributes that make it obvious they aren’t normal. Such is the case with Adder, a female with the physical attributes of a snake, hence her name. I suppose this makes Mason akin to Professor X since he appears fully human but actually has strong meta abilities.

When they first met Adder was a minor while Mason was a freshman at University. She attempted to pick his pocket thinking him an easy mark but, of course, got caught. And that is where their unusual friendship began.

His Pet by Bryant is a romance but it is a slow burn. For one thing, we had to wait for Adder to be old enough to even get romantically involved with anyone.

After reading so many books where it seems that the main characters fall into each other’s arms within the first 3 chapters, it is a refreshing change to have characters grow and mature together and not instantly fall in love. We know it will go there, but we don’t know how long it will take and where the journey will take them.

Fyi, it reads like a movie or a tv series, and probably 98% of the book is PG-13. I truly enjoyed this story and I would highly recommend it. Within the pages of this book, you will find action, drama, romance, and attempts to address social issues. If this is up your alley, His Pet by Bryant is available on Goodnovel and on Amazon.

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