25 September 2023


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The Secretly Rich Man by Two Ears is Bodhi

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I started reading The Secretly Rich Man by Two Ears is Bodhi on Goodnovel more out of curiosity than anything else. I was curious to know how he would manage to keep his wealth a secret. From the first chapter, this question gets answered so I may as well tell you. He grew up a pauper (the author’s term, not mine) and he receives a call from his sister. It turns out that his family is secretly rich, as in amongst the richest people in the world. She wanted him to learn to adjust to the lifestyle and required him to spend a huge amount every month. Since he grew up with nothing, this “command” was not an easy task for him.

The story goes on to detail his school life, love life, business decisions, and basically how he deals with being wealthy while maintaining a low profile. This meant that to the eyes of most of his classmates in university, he was still “the pauper” and he did not try to tell them otherwise.

Despite being bullied and looked down on, he kept his sunny disposition and continued being helpful to his fellow classmates.

I started reading this in 2021 and actually got as far as 161 chapters before giving up when I was not seeing any end in sight. The story and character development have potential but desperately need an editor if there is an intention to publish to print. Can you imagine how thick the book would be if not cut up into several volumes?

I did some research online and this story is quite popular but I must confess, I don’t really know why. The story is 2,513 chapters long and has so much repetitive content that could have been taken out without detracting from the story. To be honest, it felt like instead of a novel, I felt like I was reading the precursor of a TV script, I mean, hello, 2000+ chapters?!?

But that is my point … This story is not meant to be a novel or a movie. It reads like a TV series so maybe it should be turned into one.

I also don’t understand all the bowing and slapping so I figure it is a cultural thing. If I had to guess I’d say the author is Asian, probably Chinese based on what I see in Asian dramas. All that bowing is not common in most cultures, and honestly, the slapping … how is it ok for a father to slap his daughter?  In addition, how is it ok for girls to gang up on a guy and beat him up? The reason is inconsequential because if he really did something wrong, then a guard should have been called.

And may I also add how the author seems to be so brand conscious and likes to take/his/her/their time mentioning different brands of luxury items like bags, cars, and clothes and goes into explicit detail describing each one … as if our lives depended on knowing all that information.

The Secretly Rich Man by Two Ears is Bodhi is available on several platforms but I first encountered it on Goodnovel. Read at your own risk.

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