9 February 2023


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Sinful Temptation by Kathleen Hayat

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Sinful Temptation by Kathleen Hayat is a forbidden romance. Emma Belle Richardson is a smart human 18-year-old student who is treated as an outcast in her school. Xander Colt is her Math teacher who is secretly an Alpha werewolf.

Emma is mocked for her body shape, her brains, and her quiet demeanor. She prefers solitude and often finds an empty classroom to have lunch in rather than go to the cafeteria. Despite being “a nerd” she and math don’t get along, which I find weird. After all, the stereotype often is a high proficiency in most, if not all, academic subjects, where math and science are usually where they excel.

Xander is undercover as a math teacher in Emma’s school. In reality, he is a werewolf and an Alpha of a powerful pack and his enemies think he is dead. As math teachers go he really knows his stuff but looking at him “math teacher” is the last thing you would think. He is tall, good-looking, muscled, and looks like he should be walking the runway. As the girls would say … he is a god!

Their worlds collide when Xander actively seeks out Emma in school, seemingly bullying her. I’ve heard of students bullying other students, but teachers?

Xander can’t help himself. While he isn’t the nicest person, he is inexplicably drawn to Emma … especially since discovering that she is his mate. Since Emma is human, she feels a strong attraction to him but does not recognize the mate bond. All she knows is, she is his student and what Xander is doing is wrong and taboo.

Their relationship starts off rocky and continues to be so until the truth is revealed and acceptance happens.

From the way the author writes, I can tell that English is not her first language but I can forgive the faulty grammar and incorrect idiomatic expressions when the story development is engaging … I still wish she would get a good proofreader or editor, just to make the book even better.

Sinful Temptation by Kathleen Hayat is book one of the Alpha’s Lethal Desire series which you can read on Goodnovel. And also on Booknet for $2.99. Enjoy!

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