25 February 2024


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Single Dad’s Surrogate by Krista Lakes

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Single Dad’s Surrogate by Krista Lakes is a book I encountered when checking out the books on sale during Goodnovel’s 3rd birthday bash. Money (and Goodnovel coins) well-spent!

Wyatt is a widower. His wife, Caroline passed away a year ago from cancer. When they were newly wed they discovered that because of her cancer treatment, Caroline would not be able to have a child. Thus Caroline and Wyatt decided to go for surrogacy.

Lily is the surrogate they chose 5 years ago. Her one condition to agree was that she be allowed to remain in the child’s life and they agreed immediately. In all that time she was loved and treated like family. Maggie, their daughter, even calls her Aunt Wiwee.

Wyatt’s housekeeper, Mildred is leaving for vacation for 10 days. Because he knows how much his daughter, Maggie, loves Lily he came up with the idea of asking her to be Maggie’s temporary nanny while Mildred is not around. With pay, of course. He even offered to add $100 compensation to each of Lily’s workmates who will cover her shift at the coffee shop.

Lily loves Maggie with all her heart and would have done it for free if not for the bills she still needed to settle. She immediately agreed and made arrangements at work.  It didn’t hurt that she would get to feast her eyes on the object of her affection and the star of her wet dreams.

What I love about this story is that it is so organic … it is believable and possible. It does not feel forced. The fact that Wyatt is a billionaire is incidental even. The mansion, the private playground, the pool, the Lamborghini, etc. are just indicators of his wealth. He could have been a fairly well-off man living in a condo and the story would have still unfolded the same way.

There is no great conflict in the story other than the ghost of Caroline … only as this prevented Wyatt and Lily from getting together sooner because of guilt. It wasn’t until they both felt that Caroline would be okay with them being in a relationship that they are even able to be together.

I mentioned that I found this book on Goodnovel. Happily, it is also on Amazon, so those of you who don’t want to pay per chapter can get it there for 4.99. Strangely, when I checked Goodreads for this book it turned up but appears under a different author! Same title, the same preview, and the same book cover. In Goodreads, Single Dad’s Surrogate is credited to Cassandra Zara and Annie Young. So who is the real author?

Nevertheless, I have a feeling you will enjoy this book as much as I have. Do check it out!

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