12 July 2024


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Alpha’s Hidden Obsession by Misha K

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Lately, Alpha’s Hidden Obsession by Misha K keeps getting recommended to me when I open iReader so I thought, “Sure, let’s give it a try”. From the title, I knew it had to do with shifters, werewolves specifically, and that there was an obsessed alpha in it.

The main character in this story is Poppy who has been tortured for years by her Alpha grandfather because she was wolfless. She scented her mate and when she followed the scent it led her to Nash, an Alpha heir for another pack. Unfortunately, he was in the middle of a sexual encounter with Cynthia at the time and he decides to reject her in favor of Cynthia, his chosen mate.

Poppy is then sent to Umbra Academy where she fears she will be killed as it has the reputation of being a tough/savage school where few survive. There she meets Damon, the biggest baddest Alpha in the school.

Damon is betrothed to Monica and yet for some inexplicable reason, he finds himself drawn to Poppy. It takes him a while but he realizes that she is his mate and he does everything he can to resist.

Interestingly, while Poppy felt the mate bond with Nash, she could not even sense it with Damon. Why? She is, however, extremely attracted to him but fighting it herself. As far as she was concerned, Damon was bad news.

Story development and character development are good. It’s not a sex romp or bogged down with so many minutiae. However, the book does need editing as there are too many times when the wrong word (homonym) is used or an incorrect turn of phrase/idiomatic expression was written in.

The most glaring example is when the author says that Poppy is “in heats” or “her heats”. I thought it was a typo at first but since she is consistent in using that term it tells me that the author thinks that “in heats” is the correct term.

It isn’t. A she-wolf goes into HEAT (singular) or she is IN HEAT.

That being said, I am 37% into the story and it is going well. I am loving how possessive Damon is being and how he actually came out and told her how he feels for her. Now that Nash is back in the picture, I am interested to find out how it will play out. It’s good enough that I am buying coins just so I can read the whole book.

I think Alpha’s Hidden Obsession by Misha K is good enough to publish … just get a copy editor first to clean it up. You can find this jewel of a story on the iReader app.

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