23 February 2024


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Pregnant My Alpha Bully’s Baby by Ariel Liza

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I tried. I really tried to give Pregnant My Alpha Bully’s Baby by Ariel Liza a chance. I even got as far as 10 so you know I really tried. Unfortunately, I spent every moment gnashing my teeth in frustration as almost every single line (no exaggeration) is grammatically incorrect!

I think it is safe to assume this book was initially not in English and that the author lazily just used Google translate or some such app to convert it to English and then … without proofreading it, just published it … verbatim.

For starters, the title alone is lacking in punctuation which makes it difficult to read at first glance and then my brain goes “Ah! There should be a comma after ‘pregnant’.”

That being said, I found the story flow confusing from the get-go. The main characters, Claire and Ethan, are in high school. Claire is being bullied daily by Ethan and his girlfriend Mia, not just verbally but physically as well. Claire has a boyfriend named Jake who is handsome and athletic. He protects her whenever he can but he cannot be around all the time to protect her as he has to attend his classes, too.

Claire goes home and her mom tells her to get dressed as she is expecting special guests who turn out to be her boyfriend Mason and his son Ethan (surprise!) and they announce that they are getting married TOMORROW. Mom just drops the bomb, just like that.  In the meantime, Ethan seemed to have developed an unusual attraction to Claire that he never displayed before.

After the wedding, mom tells Claire that she and Mason are leaving for a month for their honeymoon in Italy, leaving Claire and Ethan alone together at the mansion. Can you guess what happens next?  There are talks of “deeper skin” and “secret place” and “you/I just got it”.  Got what? And what happens to sexy boyfriend Jake now?

Is Claire human? Is Ethan an Alpha wolf? How about Jake? Is he an Alpha wolf, too? It is just messy.

If you can get passed the multitude of grammatical errors (which is almost the entire story, it seems) then give this a shot. I am willing to give Pregnant My Alpha Bully’s Baby by Ariel Liza maybe 5 to 10 chapters more and if the story does not improve, I am dropping this. I am praying it gets better … also that the author decides to get a copy editor, stat!


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