23 February 2024


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Mated to the Gay Alpha by Blessing Ezekiel

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I have read my share of stories with confusing titles and premises but I must admit, Mated to the Gay Alpha by Blessing Ezekiel, so far is the most confusing of them all. The main character is Catherine (or Cathy), a human girl. At the beginning of the story, we see her leaving her home to visit her sick aunt. The author goes out of his way to say that Cathy is a nurse so I assumed she was going there to take care of her sick aunt. Instead, she is tasked to help her aunt by assisting her in the mansion as a line cook. What a waste of her talent! It would have made more sense if the author said she was a chef.

Then we have the identical Alpha twins, Darin and Darwin, who are gay and fully mated to Elliot, their Beta’s nephew. A twist in the plot, Derick, Darwin’s wolf, scents the air and discovers that Cathy is his second mate and for some reason, while he isn’t repelled by Elliot, he also isn’t attracted to him anymore. Darin, on the other hand, finds himself quite attracted to Cathy, despite his wolf, Eric, having no feelings for her and constantly reminding him that Elliot is his mate.

Darwin thinks his wolf is bespelled and accuses Cathy of witchcraft. Cathy has no idea what is happening. And Darin is fascinated by her. Darin decides to interact with Cathy by impersonating Darwin, partly to get information that he wouldn’t be privy to otherwise, but later because he just couldn’t help himself.

Things get complicated when they succumb to their physical attraction with him still pretending to be Darwin. Then Darwin also succumbs and unintentionally Cathy ends up involved with both thinking they were the same person. To put it simply, our characters are confused and we are confused. Are they gay? What is wrong with Elliot? He’s been hostile towards Cathy from the get-go. Is he truly their mate or was their witchcraft involved? Is Cathy actually mates to both of them? What about Lucas?

The story has potential, that much I can assure you, but it also needs a lot of work. The author keeps interchanging names, gets pronouns wrong, and is fond of using idiomatic expressions but uses the wrong one almost all the time. sigh In addition, the way the erotic scenes are written is not really as steamy as I thought they would be, especially the M2M scenes that came with a trigger warning. The way they were written was actually quite juvenile which leads me to believe the author is young and has little or no experience. That being said, experience is gained through practice so do research and keep writing.

This is currently an ongoing story and has 41 chapters to date. I’m on chapter 41 so you know I haven’t given up on it. I am still waiting for clarity and crossing my fingers that it will happen. You can find Mated to the Gay Alpha by Blessing Ezekiel on Goodnovel.

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