30 May 2024


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The Alpha’s Pen Pal by Allie Carstens

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If you are looking for a story with a unique perspective, you should check out The Alpha’s Pen Pal by Allie Carstens, which tells the story of Wesley and Haven, who first meet via correspondence.

Wesley is 12 years old and his teacher tasked the class to write a letter to a pen pal (who is initially unassigned) in a class taught by her sister in a different state. He is the Alpha’s son and has 3 best friends, which includes his younger brother. Haven is 9 years old and an orphan.

Unlike Wesley, she has no friends and no stable home life as she has been moved from foster home to foster home since she was a baby. Despite their rocky start, over the next several months their friendship grew to the point where they both awaited each other’s reply letter with anticipation. And just as everything seems to be working out perfectly, something terrible happens that quickly changes the tenor of their lives.

Just my personal opinion … this story is SOOOOO GOOOOD! I’m on an emotional roller coaster and hanging on to the bars tightly! It starts off with me going “Aww, how cute!” then segues to me crying buckets. I’ve caught up to the latest chapter and now I’m in the giddy and kicking up my heels phase, or as we say in Filipino … nakakakilig!

I don’t want to give away too many details about the story but trust me, you won’t regret reading The Alpha’s Pen Pal by Allie Carstens. I am reading this on Goodnovel while my sister is reading it on Dreame. Both reading apps have free chapters for you to read so that you can decide for yourself if you want to keep on reading. Personally, I think you would want to keep reading.

I’m hoping that someday soon this beautiful story makes it to Kindle and paperback.

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