25 February 2024


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Claimed by the Hunter by Lila Fox

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If I had one word to describe Claimed by the Hunter by Lila Fox it would be “rompfest”. The characters of this book, Hunter and Nicole, are just at it like bunnies a lot! But that seems to be the norm for this series.

Nicole opened a bakery there with two human friends who are mated to wolf shifters. While she loves living in the town and being with her friends, she can’t understand why they are having so much sex!

That is until she meets Hunter, the town sheriff, who turns out to be her mate. He also happens to be the brother of Roman who is mated to one of her friends, Brenna.

As the heat overwhelms her the time to get to know each other is set aside for later so that Hunter can “take care of her needs”.

Some things in Lila Fox’s shifter-verse differ from what I’ve read in other shifter stories.

  1. While not all humans know that shifters are real, those aware and can accept them are welcome to co-exist with them and live within their towns.
  2. The Alpha does not (seem to) live in the packhouse and rank does not seem to matter as much although it is acknowledged.
  3. Once mates find each other, they have to jump their bones as soon as possible or both will suffer tremendous pain that builds up if not sated.
  4. When the mate bond is triggered the urge to have sex all the time is not just out of desire but is also a necessity. In other words, it is “for health reasons”.  In the beginning, it is every few minutes, then every hour, then every four hours, until it settles to once a day (at least)
  5. They have to have unprotected sex all the time when mating to assuage the apparently non-stop heat BUT they don’t get pregnant. It isn’t clear how they get pregnant without reading the previous 2 books but I am assuming that it (probably) has something to do with knotting. Although, there wasn’t any mention of knotting in the book so I am just spitballing.

This is a quick read and despite having only 97 pages, other things happen in it aside from sex.

I enjoy sex as much as the next person but if this book were a movie it would probably be entry-level porn.  I say entry-level because it is not as graphic as it could be, most is left to the reader’s imagination. That being said, it feels like all they do is turn around and they are at it again. There are a few of non-sexual tension-filled chapters in the book but shortly after, they are back in bed.

It isn’t among my favorite stories but it was okay for what it was. I enjoyed Nicole’s snarkiness and Hunter’s attentiveness and teasing.

Claimed by the Hunter by Lila Fox is the third book of the Carnal Lust series and can be found on Amazon in Kindle format for $3.99.

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