12 July 2024


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What? Fizzer is giving away more gadgets?!?

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The first time I heard about Fizzer was when my daughter and I watched the blocked screening at Greenbelt 3 of New Moon, the second movie of the Twilight Saga, sponsored by Twilight Coven Philippines.  And before you ask, yes, it was MUCH better than the first one by leaps and bounds.

As we entered the movie theater we were warmly greeted with smiles and invitations to an after movie party at Capone’s by a group of uber-hot, well-muscled sexy men dressed in jeans and tank tops (dressed as the local version of the clean cut La Push wolf pack) and sexy, curvaceous women dressed in tiny black dresses with plunging necklines (“dressed to vamp”, so to speak in the stereotypical “look” of the female vampire). Turns out these guys and gals were representatives of Fizzer.ph (one of the sponsors of the screening).

When I asked them what Fizzer.ph was they said, “it is a  real social network”, and in response, of course I said, “oh, you mean like Facebook”.  Apparently the similarity ends at the words “social network”.  Fizzer is a “real” social network, they say, because:

  • Fizzer.ph is a localized social network – this  means that the target market are Filipinos from all over, but specifically those that reside in the Philippines  
  • Fizzer.ph not only connects people online but also creates opportunities for fellow Fizzer members to meet and interact (face to face) initially in Fizzer sponsored events and later in events sponsored by Fizzer members themselves
  • Fizzer.ph gives really great prizes in their contests which I hear they will have every month!

Speaking of contests, they have an easy contest running right now with wonderful prizes in store for those who join.  

Like with any other website, the gauge of its success is measured by its popularity.   In social networking terms this can be measured by simply looking at its total membership.  Fizzer.ph is a very new player and to get their numbers up and in conjunction with the season of giving, they came up with a new contest called “The New Year Blowout” which starts on December 15, 2009 and will end on Valentine’s  Day, February 14, 2010.

Joining is so easy to do:  

  • Sign up on the website.  There are 2 ways of doing that.
    • If you received an invite code to join the Fizzer.ph website, such as this one:  http://www.fizzer.ph/signup/8ad1435363.html (This is my daughter, Erika’s code.  Please use it to help her get the numbers she needs, too.) then click or visit the link and then fill up the registration form it leads you to    
    • If you did not receive an invitation code you can just go straight to the homepage of Fizzer.ph and click on the word  REGISTRATION found at the bottom
  • Once logged in go to http://www.fizzer.ph/competitions/christmasGiveaway.html
  • Click on the “join competition” button

It’s that simple.  But what are the rules?

  • Participants have to be Filipino and residing in the Philippines.
  • The user with the highest number of confirmed invited users wins.  The confirmed invite must upload at least one photo of themselves and add at least one school in  their personal information for the invitee to be counted as a confirmed invite.
  • Your friends must use the invitation link to register for the invites to be counted.
  • Fraudulent accounts will not be tolerated. The number of confirmed registrations through your invites will be tracked by Fizzer.
  • Note: Fizzer.ph reserves the right to disqualify contest participants.

The prizes they are giving away to the people who place in  the top 5 make it totally worth it to invite people to sign up.

  • 1st place receives a Macbook
  • 2nd place receives a PS3
  • 3rd place receives an HP Mini
  • 4th place receives a PSP
  • 5th place receives an iPod

I myself find all the prizes drool worthy and certainly worth the effort of inviting people to sign up.  My daughter takes after me.  She loves gadgets, too, and she would love to  finally own a Macbook.  How about you? Care to try for the Macbook, too?

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