30 May 2024


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The Omega’s Triplet Hybrids by Saree Bee

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When I open a book or a reading app and I find myself excited for the new chapter, that is how I know that a story is good. This is how I feel every time I open The Omega’s Triplet Hybrids by Saree Bee on Goodnovel. I already told you all what a blast I had with Omega’s Twin Hybrids a while back. This sequel to that story has upped the ante.

Daphne’s life before finding the Skynest and going to the island was as depressing as I could imagine, without being physically tortured and imprisoned. She loses her job, her sister dies from an overdose, and she gets evicted from her apartment … how much worse could it get?  Oh, yes! She has to live on the streets now as she has nowhere to go.

Tearful and hopeless, she is approached by a stranger and offered a card with an address to a shelter called Skynest. Little did she know that she was an Omega and was destined to be mated to a shifter or three!

Christian, Vance, and Liam are triplets and princes … next in line for the throne once they are mated and have children. We met Liam in Omega’s Twin Hybrid as the annoying black dragon that gave Jack a hard time. Christian’s animal is a wolf, while Vance’s is a tiger. These brothers are close and from a young age, they agreed that they will only have one mate together. This also means that they will rule, together, as three kings.

Poor Daphne! She is unlike any Omega that has come before. No one told her what to expect so she was probably the first omega ever to want to go back to the city and not get mated. Imagine her shock to discover that upon landing on the island they (the Omegas) were going to be hunted like prey by all the single men on the island looking for a mate. And the chase begins!

Which brings us back to the triplets … how is that going to work? And considering how much she wants to go back to New York, is there any way they can convince her to stay? Will she learn to love all three?

I kid you not, The Omega’s Triplet Hybrids by Saree Bee is fun to read. I’m currently reading it on Goodnovel so you can check it out as well. What will these boys do next to win Daphne over?

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