30 May 2024


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Omega’s Twin Hybrids by Saree Bee

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I received an alert a while back in my inbox that one of the authors I follow on Goodnovel had a new book.  The book was called Omega’s Twin Hybrids by Saree Bee.  Part of the appeal is, of course, that the main characters (two of them to be exact) are shifters. Finch is a wolf shifter and Jack is a dragon shifter, and yes, they are twins. Upon reading this my first question was “how” but I rationalize later that in Saree Bee’s world, it is possible.

The biggest appeal for me, admittedly, is the fact that the female lead, Grace (an omega), is a full-bodied woman. In literary circles, this is also referred to as a BBW (big beautiful woman), which makes her a very relatable character. Let’s face it, all the stories where the ladies are reed thin may sound nice, but for most women that is a fantasy that we find hard to get involved in as most of us (over 30) have already gained more weight and inches than we want.

In this book, there is no doubt that Grace is loved and twice over! Fair warning, though, expect to encounter a lot of sex, sex, sex, as our man Finch (in particular) is insatiable and Jack is no slouch either. Despite all the smutty smut (lol!), Omega’s Twin Hybrids by Saree Bee really does have a good story you can follow – corporate hostile takeover, self-image angst, family issues, and prejudice.

You can find this completed story on Goodnovel if you are inclined to read it. There are only 57 chapters and the story is fast-paced so I feel confident that you will enjoy it. I certainly did.

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