12 July 2024


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True Luna by Tessa Lilly

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I started to read True Luna by Tessa Lilly on iReader because I was curious how this rejection would play out. There are so many stories lately of female lead characters being rejected by their mate that I was interested to see what direction the author would go. Will she immediately find her second chance mate? Will she run away and become rogue? Is her mate a bad guy?

After she shifted on her 18th birthday she discovers that her fated mate is the Alpha of her pack, Logan. As soon as he realized this he decided that he would reject her “for the good of the pack” because the pack needs a strong Luna. This obviously implies that he thinks she is weak.

In Tessa Lilly’s world, rejecting a true mate does not really break the bond, it simply frees them to find a chosen mate. This means that until they mark their chosen mate, they will still feel the connection to their true mate. That is so messed up! I wanted Emma to choose and get marked by Jacob, stat!

This story is riveting. I reached that point where I’d used up all my vouchers and coins and I will now have to purchase to read on. Fyi, reading on iReader is EXPENSIVE. One chapter is worth 180 coins/vouchers. On Goodnovel, most chapters only cost 35 coins. I’d already tried purchasing on iReader and it was shocking how quickly all my coins and vouchers disappeared. shudder In desperation I tried to check if the book is on Amazon.

To my joy, True Luna by Tessa Lilly is on Amazon, yes!!! Both books 1 and 2 are there and cost $4.99 a piece with book 3 in the works. I didn’t even quibble. I immediately tapped both books to purchase. After all, it is cheaper than reading on the app. This story falls under the young adult/teen romance category so it is not as steamy as most of the books I read but I think it is totally worth it!  You should give it a gander on Goodnovel or iReader and read the free chapters to help you decide if you will want to purchase these books as well.


On reading apps books 1 and 2 are just one book but because of Amazon restrictions on the number of pages, it was split into 2 books.


Four books in the series are now published with 1 more coming soon. Here they are with the revamped covers. The cover you see in the feature photo is the original book cover for this series. Click on the covers below to be brought directly to the Amazon page of the book. Unlike the others, the last book appears to be in paperback format (for now).

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