26 March 2023


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The Bogeyman’s Woman by Sam Crescent

2 min read

I hesitated to read The Bogeyman’s Woman by Sam Crescent only because I don’t usually like mafia romances … mostly as it feels wrong to romanticize something bad but Ruin is mafia adjacent. I rationalize so that my mind will accept it. It helps that in the story we don’t really see too many instances of Ruin doing this job, although it does happen, and his targets are bad people so I see Ruin as an executioner simply meting out justice.

The story, though, is not about his job, not really. It is about how Ruin falls for his target, Callie, from the moment he sees her picture. This leads him to investigate why there is a hit on her while falling even more hopelessly in love.

Callie is a simple girl living a simple life.  There is nothing about her that stands out unless you count her penchant for knitting. She has no social life and generally keeps to herself so how is it even possible that she caught the attention of a capo?

The Bogeyman’s Woman by Sam Crescent is a story of their courtship. Reading their courtship and romance develop was quite thrilling. This story is available on Amazon for 3.99 if you’d like to read it, too.

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