Netmark class:  SEO

Netmark class: SEO

Last Monday’s lesson was about search engine optimization or SEO.  In my opinion, this is, perhaps, the most important thing that bloggers need to know when it comes to internet marketing.

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If you read what other people say online you will see more than a handful of seo-haters saying how it is a waste of time and does not do what it says.

Heres the truth of it:  those people had expectations that were not met.  Perhaps they thought that applying SEO guarantees them a listing on the first page of search engines.  That is not an unreasonable assumption, is it?

monopoly manBut one thing that novice SEO practitioners forget to take into account is that MONEY TALKS.

What do I mean by that?  In a nutshell, what it means it that these search engines give companies (and individuals) the option to appear on the first page of every search by paying a premium which they often charge in a monthly or annual basis.

That aside, though, they say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating so I decided to give my students an opportunity to get their feet wet in the SEO sea.

I started the class by showing them this video by Common Craft.

After the video I discussed the importance of keywords, metadata, categories, and tags at some length before having them proceed to the days activity.

For the activity I decided to make it fun.  I tasked my students to reminisce about high school in their blog.  The requirements were:

  • 500 words minimum
  • use images
  • apply SEO

Afterwards, I asked them to write a learning journal that will reflect what they have learned that day about SEO.  These are what they had to say.

I think that other people who want information about SEO may find their journals a good source of information.  In the coming weeks we will dive deeper into the SEO sea.  Hope they know how to swim. 😀

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