25 February 2024


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My Dad’s Bad Boy Bestie by Lacey Nash

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I wish authors put more thought into their book titles because I feel that My Dad’s Bad Boy Bestie by Lacey Nash is mistitled. There is nothing about Jason that says “bad boy”, in fact, for him to be best friends with Bella’s dad he has to be a good guy. If we ask Daddy Bryan, he is the BEST guy. After all, they’re besties!

There are more than a handful of grammatical issues that caused frown lines to appear on my forehead, but that is probably just the copy editor in me. I wish more books go through copy editing or proofreading publishing. Sometimes it’s a case of homonyms, which is understandable, but other times it is like the author was searching for the right word, never found it, and used a different word with the intention of going back to it but never got around to it.

If you are the type of reader that can just skip over those you may enjoy this book. It isn’t long, just 22 chapters plus an epilogue, and took me a few hours to read.

The story is pretty straightforward with the main characters struggling with the 18-year age gap but ultimately overcoming it. HEA guaranteed.

My Dad’s Bad Boy Bestie by Lacey Nash is available on Amazon for only 0.99 and is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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