24 February 2024


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My Best Friend’s Triplet Brothers by Rebel Bloom

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My Best Friend’s Triplet Brothers by Rebel Bloom is the story of a girl who gets reunited with her childhood tormentors at her best friend’s wedding. It couldn’t be helped since the triplets are her best friend’s brothers. Warren, Lucas, and Andrew Stickland are gorgeous and single and definitely off-limits! That wasn’t a casual mandate … the bride outright said it, too!

So what happens when Sara accidentally walks in on Warren in the shower in all his glory? Obviously, sanity flew out the window and passion took over.

Personally, no matter how hot these guys are, I can’t see how she could so easily spread her legs for her bullies. As the story progresses and they get reacquainted and catch up on each other’s lives it is easy to see the unusual relationship between the four of them developing but at the back of my mind I’m still thinking … they’re your bullies.

It actually takes many, many chapters for that issue to be addressed and for the triplets to explain why they did what they did when they were kids. Personally, their explanation on the one hand seems sweet but mostly I was angry for Sara because they ruined her childhood. She was a pariah because of them. How is that a good thing and so easily forgiven?

If you are looking for a good sex romp with hot triplets this is a good book to read. If you are willing to overlook their callousness and cruelty growing up and accept Warren, Lucas, and Andrew for the gentlemen they are now then read this book.

I had difficulty being okay with their bullying but I’m not Sara. I don’t know if I could let bygones be bygones just because they’re good in bed and don’t mind sharing.

My Best Friend’s Triplet Brothers by Rebel Bloom is available on Amazon for 2.99 and is free with Kindle Unlimited.

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