5 December 2023


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Lazada goes offline

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Lazada's mobile pop-up store coming to you this summer! #lazadaoffline #lazadaph
lazada offline

Lazada Philippines pulls ahead of the e-commerce game with a 3-wheeled cart and a cow named Luz.

E-commerce giant, Lazada Philippines, makes a game-changing move by putting up a mobile pop-up store in the form of a 3-wheeled cart pulled by a cow named Luz. Just in time for the summer season, the mobile pop-up store will be offering over 7,107 tag-init essentials such as floaties, shades, tsinelas, and the ever-popular, t-shirt-at-shorts-na-pang-swimming combo.

Inanc Balci
Inanc Balci

Lazada CEO and Co-founder, Inanc Balci, stated in an interview “This is a business move we have been planning for years. It is something our competitors would have never foreseen, and I know it will help us pull even further ahead in the game. As I told the cow Luz, we will take it one step at a time.”

Click here for more information on the summer mobile pop-up store.

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