Why I blog

People write blogs for different reasons and I am no different.

I blog for fun.

  • I write blogs to reviews, whether they are movie reviews, book reviews, gadget reviews, food reviews, etc.
  • I write blogs to share information about stuff I find interesting.
  • I write blogs to share my experiences of different events like vacations, trips, concerts, and the like.
  • I write to share my thoughts on anything under the sun and moon. ūüėÄ

blogging toolsBut, primarily (initially), I like to blog just so I could put down in words how I feel. ¬†They aren’t always for public viewing but just the act of putting it all down in print makes me feel better. ¬†My blog started as more of an online diary or journal, if you will. In the beginning, whether or not someone read my posts was not so important.¬† If someone reads my blog and enjoys it or can sympathize with it or learns something from it, etc., I feel gratified. ¬†But if no one reads what I wrote it does not affect me much.

Don't Sweat The Small StuffI blog to relax.

Blogging, for me, is a therapeutic exercise.  It helps me calm down when I am stressed and it helps me in organizing my thoughts for all the other projects I am involved in.

A good friend once introduced me to the book Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson and since then I have embraced that phrase as my personal philosophy.

Of course this does not mean that I don’t sometimes stress over the littlest things, but I try not to let them get me down by refocusing on what is more important right now.

I blog to promote.

promoteOn occasion people ask for my help in promoting a product or service. ¬†Sometimes they give me a press release to post as is¬†(but I still end up enhancing or even changing up a bit, if I think it needs some help … mostly for SEO purposes) and other times I get invited to events, given an overview, and am then left to my own devices on how I want to write it. ¬†In which case the only thing I ask for is some guidance such as … is there any phrase they specifically want me to say, or maybe a hashtag, or a feature they want me to highlight.

I blog to teach.

Minerva MacGonagall with Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasely, and Harry PotterEvery now and then I post some of my lectures in the classes I teach here. ¬†I’ve found that it is easier for me to maintain¬†and, in addition, it also gives my students an insight on who and what kind of person I am.

Is blogging easy?

Some would say it is and to some extent I would agree …

  • if you like to write
  • if you know your niche and can produce material for that niche
  • if you can commit yourself to a schedule … ex. once a week at the very least.

Yes, I said that blogging, for me, is therapeutic, but that does not mean it isn’t hard work, especially if your goal is to have a GOOD blog site.

If you are a serious blogger then you want a GREAT site, not a good site. ¬†It’s achievable, indeed, and when done right it morphs into a site is rich in content, awesome pictures, etc. we could all be proud of.

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