9 February 2023


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Three Stepbrothers’ Prize by Nicole Casey

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Three Stepbrothers’ Prize by Nicole Casey did not meet my expectations. The first book in the Love by Numbers 2 series, Two Sugar Daddies’ Virgin, was such a joy that I anticipated more of the same if not better.

I understand getting lost in the moment. I understand wanting to just forget about inhibitions and responsibilities and just live in the now. However, I don’t know why, in this day and age, our main characters have not even thought about any form of contraception, not even condoms. I would have thought a morning-after pill would have at least occurred to Parvati after her night with Daniel. After all, they were at a luxury resort in Hawaii, not the boondocks. Also to consider … they were not on vacation for one day, they had many opportunities to get something. The three guys are billionaires, they could easily get a box of condoms each.

While this could qualify as a reverse harem I wouldn’t call it a menage. In the one instance in the story when the brothers “shared” her, they actually took turns so it was more like a train.

There are also more than a handful of parts that need to be tweaked such as incorrect terms like “imaginative” instead of just “imagine” and homonyms. The editor in me had a blue pencil out.

This story is just ok but I’ve read better from Nicole Casey. It is mostly because I did not feel any connection to any of the brothers. Their characterization to me was very two-dimensional. Unlike in other stories, I could not imagine myself in this one. I was really just a spectator and not really enjoying the view. I confess there were times when I skipped pages because I was bored.

Three Stepbrothers’ Prize by Nicole Casey will be published on Amazon soon.

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