25 February 2024


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The No-Judgment Zone by Ellie K. Wilde

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The No-Judgment Zone by Ellie K. Wilde is one of the most enjoyable books I have read (so far) in 2023. It tells the story of Jenna, a pink-haired sex goddess, and Finn, an irresistible serial dater.  Both are players and fully embrace the concept of one-night stands.  In their words … one night, no repeats.

So can you imagine what happens when they meet for the first time and things don’t pan out as expected? Translation: that one magical night never happened. Fast-forward to a year later and Jenna is back for the summer to attend her sister’s wedding. Jenna goes to Finn’s place with the intention of hooking up but instead ends up becoming his roommate for the summer.

Finn has been in a funk for some time and didn’t know why. The moment he saw Jenna again he realized what it was. There she was … the one that got away. Right then and there he knew that one night with her wouldn’t be enough so instead of giving in to temptation he impulsively offered his place for her to stay in, as roommates.

Friendzoned! What torture these two have set themselves up for!

The story goes on to show us their budding friendship amid sexual tension. Does it count as a slow burn when everyone knows from the get-go that they are meant to be? Cute nicknames, forehead kisses, and cuddle o’clock? Come on! Crush, what crush? It’s destiny!

And I haven’t even mentioned the super hot “not sex” scenes. fans self I swear, The No-Judgment Zone by Ellie K. Wilde is a must-read. It took me longer to read this book, not because it is long, but because I would go back to savor scenes. You can find this book on Amazon for $3.99 and free with a Kindle Unlimited account.

Highly recommended! Satisfaction guaranteed.

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