23 June 2024


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The Alpha’s Inferno by Reece Barden

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The Alpha’s Inferno by Reece Barden follows the relationship between Sheriff Marcus, a were-bear, and Leila, a werewolf, the pack princess and sister of Cooper, the Alpha in the first book, The Alpha’s Saviour.

How can a relationship between them progress when one seems so hellbent on self-sabotage? Alpha’s Inferno is so frustrating in that I want to drag Marcus by the hair, sit him down in front of Leila and then bump their heads together so that they could both FINALLY talk and get on board the fated mate train and start making pups/cubs.

Marcus is a bear, and therefore, does not feel the mate bond, even though he finds himself extremely attracted to Leila. Part of the problem, for him, is that she is the pack princess. Since he is the sheriff he doesn’t feel that he has any right to get involved with her.

Leila recognized the mate bond instantly. However, since Marcus seemed hellbent on avoiding her and “doing the right thing” she falls into despair while trying to pretend that all is well so that the rest of the pack (and townspeople) don’t know there is anything wrong.

The story is so interesting that despite the frustration factor, I still kept on reading. This story definitely falls under “slow burn” and it does get pretty hot so I would still recommend it. Let me know if you get frustrated with Marcus as well, lol!

Bears can be so dense!

If you would like to read this story, you can find it on Goodnovel and on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions.

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