5 December 2023


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The Alpha’s Girl by Ashley Breanne

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When I read the first chapter of The Alpha’s Girl by Ashley Breanne I was instantly enamored and felt compelled to read the whole story. I just thought that Olivia and Gabriel’s first meeting was the cutest thing! How was it possible that a young girl and a wolf cub were able to hear each other’s thoughts? Was it the mate bond manifesting very early? It surely was!

But this leads to people thinking she is crazy. A few years later she and her sister go and try to find proof that it wasn’t a delusion and she “stumbles” into a pack and discovers that her little wolf is now the Alpha of the pack.

Alpha Gabriel and his pack have been watching over Olivia from afar for years so they knew who she was when she showed up. Everyone knew she was his mate and, therefore, their Luna. They also knew that she is human.

Can a werewolf-human relationship work? Will Olivia survive being marked by Gabriel? Will she turn into a werewolf? Can she become Luna if she remains human?

I enjoyed every moment of reading this book. It isn’t all lollipops and roses and that is what makes this story great! Between Olivia and Gabriel, barely any drama … from outside forces, though … lots!

Try out The Alpha’s Girl by Ashley Breanne. It is available on Goodnovel and currently contains 2 books … The Alpha Girl, and its sequel, Warrior’s Woman.

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