4 July 2022


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Reuniting with my first love … books

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At a very young age, I formed a strong and healthy attachment to books. I cannot recall if our parents ever read stories to us, but I clearly recall the many times growing up when every single one of us in the family would be gathered in the living room, either lying down on the couch, curled up in a chair, sprawled on the floor — each with a book in hand and reading TOGETHER. Oftentimes, we would come up for air to share something interesting or funny that we read and everyone would put down their book to listen and comment.  It was wonderful.  Eventually, we would rotate books and everyone would get to relate.

While we read all types of books, both fictional and non-fictional, in general, we preferred reading fictional works.  I remember when mom and dad gave us a whole set of Nancy Drew books.  I don’t recall my exact age, but I would guess it was at around 10 years old. My sisters and I were so happy! It was the best Christmas gift ever! As we got older our parents allowed us to read different genres of books, much as TV shows and movies are screened for a specific audience today.

With my life being as hectic as it has been for the last couple of years, I haven’t had the chance to indulge myself in quite some time, until recently when circumstances have forced me to slow down and I finally thought about picking up a book instead of watching TV or playing online.

Books come in all forms … paperback, hardcover, electronic (digital), and we are into them ALL! Lately, I’ve found myself spending a lot of time on my tablet or on the iPad mini reading stories on Good Novel, on Amazon Kindle, on iBooks, or on Moonreader. Good Novel, specifically, has taken a lot of my money 😆 when I find myself caught up in a story with no bonus coins available to continue reading.

In the coming days or weeks, I will start posting my reviews of some of the stories I have read recently and the new authors I have come to love. 💖


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